Key Elements to Building a Successful Attorney/Client Relationship

Key Elements to Building a Successful Attorney/Client Relationship

From a 10,000 foot view, selling a home is an easy concept to understand. You hire a real estate agent and attorney, put your house on the market, stage your house for showings, accept the right offer, and move out. Easy peasy! Of course, it’s not this simple. The process requires critical steps, including, but not limited to, contract preparation and review, negotiations, home inspection and attorney review modifications, title preparation and review, and coordinating and attending closings. Legal representation is a must, and a successful real estate transaction requires a successful attorney/client relationship.

Building Trust

Trust is a must. Without it, you will not have a great closing experience. The onus is on your attorney to earn your trust, especially during the initial consultation. You must feel like your real estate attorney has your best interests in mind and can alleviate the stress of the transaction. But you also need to keep an open mind, and give your attorney the chance to earn your trust.

Set Realistic Expectations

When your attorney contacts you for the first time, the attorney must set reasonable expectations. To get from point A to a smooth closing, many items need to be addressed such as your attorney providing you with an overview of the process, and an accurate estimate of what you will net from the sale of your home.

Frequency of Contact

Your attorney must always keep you informed. It’s no surprise that sellers fire their attorneys for not updating them on what’s going on. Your attorney should check in with you frequently, translate the legalese of real estate documents in terms you understand, and tell you what you need to provide. Your peace-of-mind is everything!

Your Attorney Must Put Herself or Himself in Your Shoes

Empathy goes a long way. What’s clear to your attorney may be murky to you. Selling a home is possibly the largest transaction of your life up to this point. This may be uncharted territory for you, and your anxiety may be running high. Your attorney’s patience and understanding can build a stronger attorney/client relationship.

A successful attorney/client relationship doesn’t happen on its own. While it takes two to tango, a good real estate attorney will take the lead on understanding your needs, paving the way for a successful transaction, and a great closing experience!


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